Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Information - Yahoo mail, Reliance internet connection.

1) I have found that there are many registered members with yahoo email and not yet confirmed their emails, I think Yahoo mail is not receiving confirmation email.

I request you to add your email address as comment in this post, I will activate your account.

2) Few members are facing problem in viewing videos. If you are using Reliance internet connection or datacard then Please add folowing DNS in Reliance dialer

I hope this will solve the problem.



Nidhi said...

Hi Ashu

I have added your email address to

email- your yahoo email
password- 123456

Please change your password after login.


sbadri said...

Hi i have registered with gmail on pawansinha live videos but haven't got the mail in my mailbox, why is that, and the episodes are different on pawansinha videos and astrouncle.net why is that? please updload everything on one place for easy access, thanks in advance

Nidhi said...

Hi Sbadri

About two sites so that I can manage videos for two different program, also few users want to watch videos of one program only.

Please tell me your email address so that I can check what is the problem with your account.

Are you using Relaince internet connection ?


Anonymous said...

i hav registered with my yahoo email id....
but i did not get any verification link in inbox .

my email id is shweta_singingCA@yahoo.com

Nidhi said...


"shweta_singingCA@yahoo.com " email address is not working.

I tried to sent email on this email address but i received error.

I request you to register with email address which is working.


blogger12 said...

Hello this blog is superb!!!!
I just wanted to know if there is any place where we can find videos of astro uncle before october 2009...?

Anonymous said...

Hi,thanks a lot for this site..It is so helpful especially if we miss some episode of Pawan Sinha Live..You sure have done a super job..It really is very helpful..Having said that..is there any possibility of uploading the Episode of Pawan Sinha Live of 17th April 2011?The episode was about important "Yantras".Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous

I have uploaded whatever I have.

So, I am sorry, if that episode is not present.



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saflta Sahi nirnay nahin le pana Sakshatkar ki taiyari Sangeet ke jariye upachar Santanotpati aur ma ka swabhav Sardiyo ke khas phal sabji Savadhan Savdhan - kutte se bach ke School se shikayat ka ana School jane se dar lagana Shani ka margi hona Sharir mien khichav hona Sharir par nishanon ka hona Sharirik lakshan aur grah Shradh - niyam aur tarika Shubh rahe aapki diwali Shuddh ghee ke phayade anek Shukr ka sinh rashi mein pravesh Shukr ka uday hona Shukr badal raha hai chal Shukr ka tula rashi mein pravesh Shukr ko kaise kare santulit Siradard - ek ganbhir samasya Sirf maa ka saya Sirf pita ka saya Subah - subah chidachidapan hona Surya ka kark rashi mein pravesh Surya ka mithun rashi mein pravesh Surya ka sinh rashi mein pravesh Surya ka tula rashi mein pravesh Tambaku Teen adate - teen samasyae Tona - totka aur bacche Tonsil ki samasya Tv aur philmo ka baccho par asar Twacha se judi aam samasyae Umas se hone wali samasyaye Upahar ka milana aur n milana Urine se sambandhit 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